This post is not about picking up a mysterious date, but about picking up the clutter in your house with your kids and making them think it’s fun.

Yesterday my kids asked me to play hide and go seek.  I said I would, but only if we all cleaned up stray toys while we did it.  So together we came up with the game hide and go seek mystery pick up.  One person hides while everyone else looks for them.  The person that finds them gets to choose one item which needs to be put away as the mystery item.  They don’t tell anyone what it is. Everyone starts picking up and putting things away until someone picks up the mystery item. That person gets to hide next or pick the next person to hide.
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We cleaned up 3 rooms and the kids had fun the whole time.  I even had fun because the house was getting straightened up while I interacted with my kids.  I love killing two birds with one stone.