Last summer our extended family went to get family photos taken. After the large group photo, my immediate family quickly descended into something that resembled a three stooges movie more than a beautiful photo session.

056 in front of tree jumping


058 in front of tree hanging

At first I was disappointed and thought that we needed to redo our family photos. A few months later I pulled up the pictures once again and saw something I had completely missed before. Fun. My kids, especially my son, were smiling the big genuine smiles that I’m always wishing for when taking pictures of my kids. I realized that the photos were also a good representation of a typical day in our house.  My son egging his sisters on until he can get them to chase him around. My daughter feigning distress, but participating as much as him. My youngest just laughing and constantly switching teams in the sibling sparring.
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167 elsa poking ethan with a stick

242 elsa throwing something at ethan

243 ethan running away and laughing

080 ethan laughing running away

116 whitney running to daddy

118 whitney kicking legs

129 Whitney looking at daddy

121 whitney licking daddy

127 whitney laughing in dads arms

146 whitney handstand

099 Ethan and Elsa frowning

087 Ethan hand

089 Elsa hand

097 Elsa good

082 Ethan good pic

102 wrestling

105 on ground

173 wrestling again

176 wrestling whitney smiling

177 wrestling whitney biting

165 ethan chasing whitney

159 etan and whitney on sidewalk

232 elsa on tree

073 in front of tree hair

054 fam in front of tree most normal

I still am lost when looking for something to frame and hang on the wall, maybe this one (see below) but I do believe that I will treasure these pictures as much as any family photos we will have.

048standing by beach 2

Here is what I came up with for a Christmas Card (below). I never sent it in the mail, so here is your Christmas card of chaos from us. Sent with lots of love and wishes for a happy and FUN 2014!

Christmas Card 2013d rgb2