If you’ve had kids, I’m sure you’ve had a Saturday morning like this once or twice.  I’m trying to have an intimate moment with my husband when the kids start banging on the door every couple of minutes for help with videos and to break up fights and to tell how he spilled milk on me and she won’t let me sit by her.  Finally when it was obvious that the banging and crying outside the door wasn’t going to stop I gave up and went to the bathroom and to get dressed.  Of course I couldn’t pee even though my eyeballs were floating.  Arrgh!  Frustration.  But somehow the frustration didn’t turn into anger and a rampage on the kids waiting downstairs.  Lucky for my kids I was reading about one of my heroes, who happened to be an amazing mother, before my husband woke up this morning.
Maglie Calcio poco prezzo
I went downstairs to survey the damage.  In the time it took me to get dressed my kids had resolved their differences by finding the valentine party candy stash and happily sharing it, right down to trading licks off the same lollipop (yum!).

I was able to calmly clean up the spilled milk off the floor and convince my kids to eat some real food before returning to their candy eating frenzy.  It didn’t turn out to be such a bad morning after all.  I didn’t have a melt down in the face of so much frustration.  Whew!